Vision & Mission 1

Localization of precision particle analysis systems as the basis for the 4th Industrial Revolution !

Founded in 2007, Scigentec Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of precision optical instruments specializing in particle analysis, and has accumulated over decades in the field of particle analysis equipment, producing professional analyzers using optical and image analysis and related technologies for particle matter that has a wide variety of sizes and phenomena, rather than analysis of structured materials such as semiconductors and displays. CALPAS Particle analyzer, developed in response to the localization requirements of the petrochemical industry in 2014, is a device that detects foreign substances that are a major hindrance to the appearance and stability of high-performance plastic pellet products. CALPAS being supply not only to major company in Korea, also exporting to China, USA, Japan and Taiwan, etc. Recently, in order to provide a complete solution to the properties of a wide variety of particulate matter, we introduced artificial intelligence program technology to develop a device (model name: CALPAS AI) that derives analysis results very similar to those perceived by real humans.. In addition, it does not stop at inspecting and analyzing raw materials with foreign substances, but also develops a foreign substance remover (model name: CALPAS-TERMINAL) that separates raw materials with foreign substances and is diligently preparing for globalization.. And, in the offline method in which a person, who has been the basis of analysis up to now, goes to the production site, brings a sample, and analyzes it in front of the device, the device installed in the production site automatically performs sample collection and analysis and transmits the result in real time. By developing and distributing the device (model name: CALPAS-K), we are accelerating the development of devices that meet the 4th industrial revolution, the keynote of a new era.. Based on the experience of handling foreign particle analyzer products since 1996, In 2020, Scigentec Co., Ltd. launched a device for particle size and particle shape analysis of battery raw materials that influence the performance of electric vehicles in the field of secondary battery batteries for electric vehicles, which are popular in the future industry.

Vision & Mission 2

Developing and manufacturing a device that analyzes the size and shape of raw materials in micrometers, which are very fundamentally important in determining how long it takes to charge an electric vehicle battery, how far it can travel on a single charge, and its cost are doing. For example, the particle shape, which is an index of the porous surface and open structure, allows lithium ions to leave the negative electrode faster, thereby increasing the charging rate, which contributes to shortening the charging time, and particles with a wide particle size distribution more closely fit into a given volume. It can be packaged, resulting in increased energy storage. Higher energy density contributes to a longer vehicle range.

To meet these market demands, Scigentec has developed a laboratory optical diffraction particle size analyzer (model name: TICLE)
using a CCD camera, and an online device ( Model name: MOA) is being developed. Scigentec Co., Ltd. is developing a particle analysis system of a new concept that meets the keynote of the 4th industrial revolution, the demand of a new era, while keeping the basics of the analysis technology of the traditional concept of the past. Based on the technology of CALPAS products, which were launched in 2014 and received excellent evaluations at home and abroad for their customized technology that supports specialized devices according to the technical requirements of customers, all products of Scigentec Co., Ltd. are of the 4th industrial revolution. It aims to become a keynote speaker, and is expanding its market presence by establishing networks in the United States, China, Japan, and Taiwan to expand domestic and international markets.

In terms of R&D, development of future-oriented and highly practical devices by developing technologies that utilize terahertz and ultrasonic technology for particle analysis in cooperation with domestic related research institutes based on the experience and technology possessed by Scigentec Co., Ltd. is working hard on. Through the development of cutting-edge technology that customizes hardware and software according to customers' analysis needs, we are doing our best to meet customers' quality needs by improving their quality.

With a firm recognition in the international community as a specialized domestic particle analyzer company, followed by the development and distribution of devices that are increasingly needed worldwide, we are aiming for sales of 50 billion units through the development and production of high value-added products. Through “Particlize the Imagination,” which is the company's motto, not only to think, but to make it into particles, that is, realistic objects, many good ideas and quirky ideas are expressed into reality, resulting in high performance. We will do our best to contribute to the industry through our products.