Particlize the Imagination!

Scigentec Co., Ltd., founded in 2007, specializes in particle analysis and offers expertise in precision optical instruments. Scigentec manufactures specialty scientific instruments using accumulating particle image analysis and associated technologies. The company and its team have long-term experience in the field and are expanding its applications to maintain competitiveness through technical innovation.

The CALPAS foreign particle scanning analyzer with its unique technology and techniques was released in 2013; it secured the leading position in this field and received superior reviews for convenience of customer usage.

In its international market expansion, Scigentec has networked with technical agencies in Japan and China, and the company has a growing market presence. CALPAS is recognized as highly effective in for improving product quality.

CALPAS devices are in operation worldwide, and support for those devices is a top priority. Professional support can be customized for each customers’ business and technology needs.

In accordance with customers’ analytical needs, Scigentec can customize hardware and software preparation as well. By growing quality improvement through development of state-of-the-art technology, the company can help meet customer needs for quality.

In order to more credible promises to be one, forwarding by improved technology and business support systems can be justified.

Organizational Chart and Human Resources

Organization chart

Supplying Records

  • Offline Particle Size Analyzer: 250 systems (SYMPATEC)
  • Online Particle Size Analyzer: 20 systems (SYMPATEC)
  • Nano Imaging System: 60 systems (CytoViva)
  • Nano Hyperspectral Image Analyzer: 10 systems (CytoViva)
  • Offline Foreign Particle Analyzer: 35 systems (CALPAS)
  • Online Foreign Particle Analyzer: 1 system (CALPAS)


2007 Foundation , Official Agent of Sympatec GmbH (Particle Size Analyzer)
2009 Official Agent of CytoViva Inc. (Nano Optical Imaging, Hyperspectral Analysis, Dual Mode Fluorescence)
2010 Launching of R&D Center
2012 Patent Registration for “Foreign Particle Detecting Technology”
2013 Registration of “CALPAS” brand name (independently developed)
Sales of 1st CALPAS (LG Chemical)
2014 Member of Korea Venturte Business Association
2015 Sales of 1st Export of CALPAS (Dagu, China)
2016 Sales of 1st Online CALPAS (LG MMA)
2017 Registration of Brand Name of “CALPAS-TERMINAL” (independently developed) for Foreign Sorting Technology
2018 Patent Registration for “Foreign Particle Sorting Technology”
Registration of CALPAS Program Copyright
Registration for ISO 9001
Member of Korea Inno Biz Association
Registration as 1st Vendor for LG Electronics
Award for Innovative Technology Development Company (Ministry of SMEs & Startups, Korea)
2019 Award for R&D-Focused Innovation Company (Ministry of Science and ICT, Korea)
Patent Registration for “Artificial Intelligence Foreign Particle Sorting Technology” (PCT International)
Citation from the Small and Medium Business Administration
2020 R&D Special Zone Localization Technology Development Follow-Up Advancement Business Agreement
(Ministry of Science and Technology Information and Communication)
CALPAS Artificial Intelligence Program Copyright Registration
TICLE Particle Size Analysis Program Copyright Registration
Launching of “CALPAS-TERMINAL” Foreign Particle Sorting Machine
Patent Registration for "CCD Optical Diffraction Technology"
Awarded the President of Innobiz Association